Exploring Dance Summer Intersive Workshop


Our Dance Summer Intensive workshop is designed for students to experience different dance disciplines such as Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz. Classes will be taught by Alexandria our new dance teacher who joined last year. Classes are aimed at helping technique, musicality, and expression and have a better understanding of all styles of dance. All classes will be open classes so no syllabus will be followed.
Different kinds of ballet such as RAD, Imperial Ballet and Russian ballet will be taught in the workshop. A mixture of all three ballet disciplines will help individuals learn various styles of ballet. Ballet is a very beautiful and technical dance that demands perfectly placed and shaped movements while keeping in tempo to the music. When executed precisely there is nothing more beautiful.
Is a very expressive dance style that pulls elements from modern jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. It is now a very popular style of dance. We will be teaching how to let loose and feel the music by improvising to different music styles while also teaching floor work and standing exercises.
Jazz/ Musical Theatre:
The style that has it all, a mixture of all styles in one very common style of dance will be taught to express the acting side of the workshop and choreographies will be taken place as well. Jazz is mostly seen in musical productions and is known for its dynamic and theatrical qu
alities. We will be teaching travelling steps, high kicks, leaps and turns that all need strength and flexibility.