Artemocion Dance & Leisure Studio is the Home of all Arts. It offers a variety of lessons for everyone’s choice under one roof. All teachers and instructors are certified and qualified teachers in their respective fields to ensure that we give the best to our students.

*Royal Academy of Dance Ballet (RAD)  RAD Exams held Annually

*Modern Jazz with IDTA Exams Idta Exams held annuallyTap Dancing with IDTA exams Idta Exams Held annually

*English Drama Lessons & Musical Theatre with London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts Exams are held annual

  •         Acrobatics
  •         Acro Dance
  • Modern Jazz Choreography and Technique
  • Hip Hop Lesson
  • Contemporary Teens classes
  • Contemporary Adult Classes
  • Zumba Sessons
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Commercial/Modern  Dancing
  • Kung Fu Martial Arts
  • My First Dance movements from 2yrs 6 month and over
  • Sensory Sessions ( Mornings only)
  • Modelling sessions
  • Various Craft courses with Lessons by Davinia Laferla Turner
  • Voice coaching and singing lessons are held regularly by our professional teachers and singers with Ms Annabelle  Vella Debono, Ms Charlene Brincat with Trinity Of London Exams.
  • Guitar lessons by Juan Sebastian or with Mark Anthony Bartolo ( Individual lessons)

Exams are held annually by foreign Examiners in Royal Academy of Dance Ballet-Trinity London Music- International Dance Teachers Association -London Academy of Music and Dramatic Artsrad logoTrinity_College_London_-_Logolamda.

For further info please send us an email at scorpian.turner@yahoo.com (you can use the contact form here) or call us on 77049838 /77045835/ 77523607 / 27523607. Opportunities locally and abroad guaranteed.
Visit @ Majestic Court North Centre No.1 Triq Il Kbira Mellieha (50 metres down Mithna Restaurant)