Registrations for the New term commencing on the 25th September.

Artemocion Dance and Leisure Studio ( Mellieha)License Number: 2023-018License Category: Further Education Centre. Join us for the new term commencing on the 25th of September. Studio is licensed by the MFHEA, (you can find it under Licensed Institutions. Our teachers are all qualified in their respective fields. Our exams are held annually and are accredited by The Royal Academy of Dance Ballet and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, since 2003. Classes are kept small for individual attention, within the required age bracket in each lesson. you can find the age requirement chart for ballet lessons on our website Our studio has a risk assessment and health and safety certificate from a qualified consultant. All, our studios are airconditioned, full-length mirrors, proper dance flooring, and adequate waiting areas. You can always find Davinia, our head of institution, to answer any queries you might have while ensuring the safety of the students going in and out of the studios. Artemocion Dance & Leisure Studio, administration, and teachers make it their mission that all students attending will enjoy their lessons to the full while achieving great results in all the opportunities that they are given, as a whole or individually. Over the past years, students’ achievements, are the best proof, that we have created STARS.