New Regulations for Artemocion Studios (Covid 19)

New Studio Regulations
There is nothing more important than the health and safety of our students, and our faculty of teachers, therefore, we have prioritized proactive deep cleaning efforts, comprehensively and routinely sanitizing all surfaces, doorknobs, and floors.
This is in addition to our already rigorous daily cleaning efforts. Hand sanitizing stations are also accessible in every studio, and their use is actively encouraged.
We are also posting signage in all our restrooms and around the building reminding everyone about the importance of proper handwashing.
Our priority is to ensure that the Artemocion community feels safe and happy when spending time taking part in lessons at our studio.
*Students will be checked for temperature before entering the studio.
*Only students are allowed to enter the premises.
*Walking shoes are to be left on the shelves provided outside the studio.
*Students should come already in their dance gears and any other outfits are to be left in the waiting area.
*Sanitizers are provided for use before entering the premises, and in each studio, to use when required or as often as needed. Dancers may also use their own hand sanitizer if they desire.
*Dancers will be required to bring their own, pre-filled, water bottles.
* There will be no sharing amongst students.
*Please do not send your children if they are unwell.
* Restrooms will only be used by students and staff.
*Due to capacity limitations, a couple of classes had to be divided into 2 classes, so there will be less students together during their lesson
*Our qualified teachers will make sure that the

able distance required, is kept during all the lessons.
Thank you for your full cooperation and Support