Summer Creative Workshop by Davinia’s Creations

Registrations and applications are open at Artemocion Studio for Summer Creative Workshop at Davinia’s Creations, starting from the 6th July -5th September (shut down 10th-15th Aug) For kids from 4yrs till 10 years, from 8.30am -12.30pm The workshop consists of Most original Crafts sessions, Drama, Singing & Dancing, Educational games and quizzes, Science Experiments, Cooking, Day Camping, Interesting talks with professional persons in different subjects, fieldwork, outings, Creativity and Motivation, and much more. Students are divided into age bracket groups, apart from the outings and other activities that they require to be together. Helping Davinia are responsible adults, a qualified teacher, and LSAs’.Premises are covered with a risk assessment certificate by a qualified consultant. All material included in the fee, except for outing transport and entrance fees where necessary. Only a limited number of students are accepted, on a first-come basis, due to safety reasons, which is our priority. Siblings enjoy 10% discount For more information or any queries, you are kindly asked to call on 77049838, 77045835 or 77523607 or email