Guitar lessons with Exams with a qualified teacher

Guitar lessons with Examinations. Whether you want to learn the guitar to pursue a career or, if you want to learn it for your own leisure, these lessons apply for you. Lesson is given on one to one basis. Your choice for classical or pop, guitar lessons, were never this easy. Classes are given by a qualifed guitar teacher and here is his biography.

Juan Sebastian Correa Caceres
BA Music Studies, M.Mus., PhD (c)

Mr. Juan Sebastian Correa is a Chilean-Maltese musicologist. As a student of music pedagogy in Chile, he specialized in classical guitar and flute. Mr. Correa holds a Bachelor and a Master of Music from the University of Malta, where he is currently reading for his PhD in ethnomusicology. Mr.Correa has collaborated with renowned Chilean and international bands, particularly, in Dubai and Oman. He currently teaches music theory in a government school. For more information please call us on 77049838 or email