Post Partum Workshop by a Professional Doula

Post partum is a very special and sensitive period of your life, where you will need specific care. Our workshop is aimed too guide and support you in this special journey to help you make the most of this life changing time.

The first part will be held by Chiara, Professional Doula, and will cover both mum and baby care, with loads of ideas for food, self care and baby care. We will explore all what you need in your first 40 days as a mum.

The second part will be held by Francesca, a Women’s Wellness and Fitness Coach who specialises in Post Natal Recovery and Holistic Core Restore®. We will go over the essentials of getting your body functioning and moving again – core re-connection, the importance of pelvic floor exercises and how to do them (it’s not just a squeeze), returning to exercise safely and effectively, how to identify and heal a diastasis, and how to correct muscle imbalances caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding and holding a baby, that can cause pain and discomfort

Price is 25 euros for the 2 hours workshop.